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Get into Teaching - Training Events:

  • Teach Yorkshire Recruitment Event on Tuesday 4th February 2020, 4:30-6:30pm - Outwood Academy, Newbould
  • Get Into Teaching Event  at SHU Charles Street Building Wednesday 26th February 3.30 - 7 pm
  • Train to Teach event Sheffield Mecure Sheffield ST Paul's Hotel and Spa Tuesday 24th March 4.30 - 7 pm. 
  • Get Into Teaching Event at SHU Charles Street Building  Wednesday 20th May 3.30 – 7 pm


Sheffield South East Learning Partnership (SSELP) School Direct is a collaboration of 18 schools situated in South East Sheffield, in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University. The lead school, Tinsley Meadows Primary Academy, is part of Five Rivers TSA.

SSELP SD aims to provide outstanding ITT training leading to long term career prospects within one of our schools. The schools work collaboratively to enhance ITT provision and to provide outstanding training and career opportunities. Our commitment to developing our teachers of the future ensures that our training is of an exceptionally high standard. Over the past six years a hundred percent of our students have passed.  A significant number of our graduates are now making a difference to our children every day.

SSELP Schools are proud to represent a close geographical catchment of schools which provides a wide variety of contexts including Special schools; a breadth of special education needs and disabilities; schools with a significant  high percentage of EAL and multicultural diversity; faith schools; a mixed social demographic; all phases of education from nursery to post 16.

Many SSELP schools are recognised as centres of excellent practice, offering school to school support and leading on school improvement projects across Sheffield and beyond. Practice within our schools is firmly embedded in action research which informs and drives the continual professional development of our teams.


Proven track record in ITT training –now in our 6th year. A 100% of our students have passed the course.
Close geographic catchment of Sheffield based schools means that you will never have far to travel to one of our schools or to Sheffield Hallam University. Prior to being allocated to a school, we will discuss your placement needs to ensure the school meets your requirements and to ensure that traveling times to your school are kept to a minimum.
We can arrange school based experience for you in one of our schools, prior to making your application or starting your training.
You have the opportunity to meet your mentors and school prior to starting the course.
The majority of the course is school based and you start your course in school so that you meet the pupils on the first day of the school term. This means that you will become part of the school team from day 1.
SSELP SD provides a skilled and highly trained team of mentors to support your training needs.
Your training programme will be bespoke to your training needs.
You will receive high quality academic input provided by Sheffield Hallam University enhanced by school based specialists.
Emphasis on evidence based practice drawing on the best pedagogical research.
SSELP has well-established networks that enable the sharing of good practice across schools, so that you will have access to a wide range of experiences and expertise
Experience gained during SSELP training will ensure that you are well equipped to teach in any school

Teaching in a SSELP school will enable you to make a huge difference to the life chances of the children you teach.

We are extremely happy to show you around our schools and to provide you with school based work experience.



Fiona Heath - School Direct Lead - - 0114 2441842


Anna Ainsley - Deputy School Direct Lead -             Twitter: @SSELPschdirect            Facebook: @sselp


Lead school: Tinsley Meadows Primary Academy. Five Rivers Teaching School Alliance   

0114 24418442