Our work - Parents

Engaging parents as partners in their children’s learning
underpins all of SSELP’s work.

SSELP was commissioned by the City Wide Learning Body to exemplify existing good practice and develop models of engaging parents as partners in learning which could be utilised across the city. Please view the final report.

SSELP is developing a ‘Parent Promise’ affirming what parents can expect in all our schools.

All children starting school in SSELP receive our ‘goody bag’ with resources and important getting ready for school information.

SSELP is committed to ensuring parents of children with exceptional needs feel confident that the school can meet their child’s needs; home visiting for these families is standard practice

Speech Therapists employed by SSELP model and provide resources for parental workshops on language development. This establishes consistency across SSELP schools and builds capacity amongst staff.

Over 2000 parents of SSELP children enjoyed the production, ‘Rainbows End’ – a community cohesion dramatization involving children from all our schools.

Rainbow's End production