The Phillimore Gymnastics team took gold at the South Yorkshire Sainsbury’s
School Games on Wednesday 18th March 2015 at the EISS in Sheffield. Primary
School Teams from around the region met to compete against each other and
were judged on schools’ combined ability to execute floor routine and vault
events. Kaci McGrandles,  Filipe Serralha, Sana Ali, Taher Saeed, Tangena
Begum with reserves Ameena Kamali and Zahraa Saleem performed with
confidence, style and technical competence to take first place. Zahraa Saleem
said, “It was a new experience for me.  I loved it. I just wish I could do it all
Jo Searle, subject lead for PE at Phillimore said the team’s success was down
to partnership working. It started with strategic use of the Sport Premium the
year before to upskill teachers at the school and to provide high quality PE
lessons in Gymnastics. The high interest generated, meant that the after
school Gymnastics club became oversubscribed so Jo appealed to Sheffield
Hallam University for help from student volunteers. Rosie Pepper, 2nd year
student and Gymnastics coach arrived and taught technical improvements
and Gymnastics etiquette.
After the competition, the successful gymnasts were greeted by a walk of
honour through the playground organised by the Head teacher Alison
Blakemore who said “These are moments our children will remember for the
rest of their lives”.